Why ASL Weekend?

The ASL Immersion Weekend is an ongoing yearly workshop and nonverbal experience going on its 25th year.  It’s a quiet, no-frills, casual event that brings people of varying skill levels, backgrounds and experiences together to learn and share aspects of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture.

The ASL Immersion Weekend is open to anyone interested in American Sign Language:

  • Interpreters
  • Students of Interpreter Training Programs
  • Students of sign language classes
  • Families and friends of D/deaf or hard of hearing individuals
  • Special education teachers
  • D/deaf or hard of hearing individuals

The ASL Immersion Weekend consists of 12 hours of workshop time inside of a non-vocal Immersion Weekend! The workshop, as well as your interaction with other participants throughout the weekend, will offer plenty of opportunities to improve your receptive and expressive skills in a relaxing retreat environment. Through this exposure, participants will also gain a deeper understanding of Deaf Culture and the Deaf community’s language, ASL  The only requirement is an open mind and an understanding that you will learn something if only you allow it!

The ASL Immersion Weekend will be conducted without vocal communication. Participants will communicate solely through sign language and visual means.

Check out these video testimonials from past Weekenders!

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