Welcome to the 22nd Annual ASL Immersion Weekend

April 2nd, 2016

The Weekend is sold-out – Registration is now closed! You may still fill out the on-line registration but do NOT send any money.  You will placed on a waiting list and be contacted if a space becomes available.  Thank you!

Please view the video message from this year’s presenter, David Martin:

Workshop information is in the next post, below.  Presenter information, online registration and additional information can be found by clicking on the appropriate link in the menu bar.  See you at the Weekend!

2016 ASL Immersion Weekend

“Four Workshops With David A. Martin”David A. Martin

David decided four workshops were better than one! He’s come up with several areas of sign language and Deaf culture from which participants could benefit!  They are:  “Incorporating ASL and Sports”, “Bridging the gap between Academic ASL and Social ASL”, “ASL Humor and A-Z Stories”, and “Use more (and more!) Non-Manual Markers”.  

Incorporating ASL With Sports:

This workshop will include a presentation on “How Deaf Sports Influenced Modern Day Sports”.  Participants will learn the historic aspect of how sports have impacted the Deaf community, and vice versa. Participants will learn basic and advanced sports signing including numbers, team signs, and sports in action.  Participants will watch several videos and incorporate the above into ASL by describing specific sports actions. Participants will read an English commentary and be able to translate it into ASL. There will also be hands-on and group activity to apply the learning objectives of this workshop.

Bridging the gap between Academic ASL & Social ASL:

This workshop will take an in depth look at Academic and Social ASL and their definitions.  We will discuss, analyze, and compare the differences of those two venues of ASL (including discussing ASL Registers). Participants will discuss the gap between the two and develop ideas and opportunities for easier transferring between “self-directed” learning to “on your own” learning.

ASL Humor/A-Z Handshape stories and other fun spatial discourse:

In this workshop participants will expand their knowledge, experience and skills of ASL humor and A-Z Handshape activities.  Participants will learn how to judge A-Z competitions by discussing principles as shown in the “A to Z ABC Stories in ASL” by Bahan and Jarashow.  Participants will create their own handshape stories using specific handshapes that will expand their creativity.

Why you should use more (& more!) Non-Manual Markers:

In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to refresh and practice various non-manual signals and visual gestural communication. This workshop will help participants see the importance of using their face, arms, hands and bodies more in their everyday ASL communication.  There will be hands-on individual and group activities.


Welcome to the 21st Annual ASL Immersion Weekend!

March 11th 2015

Registration is now OPEN!

Update, March 24, 2015

The Weekend is almost full!  A few more spots to fill until active registration closes and the waiting list will be created.  Don’t delay!

Update, March 26, 2015

Registration is now CLOSED!

Update May 1st, 2015

The Weekend was a great time.  My thanks again to MJ for challenging us with some great workshops!



2015 ASL Immersion Weekend Workshops

“Surrogates, Buoys, Tokens and Depiction”
Presented by Dr. MJ BienvenuMJ Bienvenu

This year’s main workshop will have participants reviewing and refining their knowledge and skills with certain portions of American Sign Language, presented through the expertise of Dr. MJ Bienvenu!  We will be looking at how we incorporate role shift – presently known as surrogates.  Surrogates are divided into two categories: constructed action and constructed dialogue.  It helps users of the language understand when to be the “other person” in your action or be the “other person” in her or his communication with you or others.  Correct usage of ASL takes advantage of the signing space in front of you so next we’ll focus on Buoys and Tokens.  These concepts are probably best described as how to use the space in front of you and how to retain that specific space.  It also describes the use of your passive hand to identify characters in your narration.  Depiction is how one describes or portrays things, people, etc.  People tend to call them classifiers.  We look at how ASL depicts these objects and actions.   Throughout the lecture of this workshop, there will be small group activities to practice the concepts being taught.  Dr. Beinvenu will work with us to critique and clarify our work.

“ASL in an Academic Setting”
Presented by Dr. MJ Bienvenu

In our second workshop during the Weekend, we will discuss and review how to use ASL in a more formal environment or in a meeting.  There is some confusion on the term “academic ASL”; we will learn more about this and clarify what this term means.  The choices of signs, pacing, and use of space will be impacted when you move towards an academic setting when using ASL.  The structure of using complex ideas, introducing new concepts, etc. will be discussed.   Examples will be shown throughout the workshop.