2010 Presenter


ASL Immersion Weekend 2010
April 16th, 17th, and 18th

Brianna Butler was born in Morgantown, West Virginia.  Her family moved to the Washington DC area and that is where she was raised.  Brianna’s mother is Deaf and her father is hearing.  Most of her family is Deaf, and Brianna considers American Sign Language as her first language.  She graduated from Kendall Elementary School in Washington, DC. From there she was mainstreamed into a hearing high school.  Brianna graduated from West Virginia University in 2003 and then moved to Parkersburg which is also in West Virginia.  She wrote the curriculum for the ASL Interpreting program at Washington State Community College in Marietta Ohio.  She taught there for five years.  Currently Brianna is an instructor at Ohio University, where she teaches in the Deaf Studies and Interpreting program.  She holds a 4.8 in American Sign Language on the Educational Interpreter’s Performance Assessment and she also scored a 4 on the ASL Performance Interview. 

Brianna has a three year old son named Noah who is, without a doubt, her WHOLE world!!  When ever she gets any free time, Brianna enjoys sewing, reading, and swimming. (Free time?  What’s that?)