1999 Presenter


ASL Immersion Weekend 1999

Leslie Greer is currently president of the American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA) . She has been an ASL teacher for more than 18 years. She holds the ASLTA’s Professional Certification. She is currently lecturer II in the bachelor’s program in Interpreting at the University of New Mexico — Albuquerque where she is pursuing doctoral studies in Educational Linguistics.

Ms. Greer has traveled extensively in America, Europe and Asia and has given numerous workshops on how to teach basic linguistics, sign language, pedagogy and others. She also is fluent in Japanese Sign Language (JSL). She is on the RID Certified Deaf Interpreter Task Force committee. She serves on the Sign Communication Proficiency Interview committee at the New Mexico School for the Deaf.

Ms. Greer received her master’s degree in Linguistics at the University of Rochester, New York. She also received her B.A. in Community Health Service from Empire State College