1994 Presenter


ASL Immersion Weekend 1994

MJ Bienvenu, co-director of The BiCultural Center in Riverdale, Maryland, grew up in Louisiana in an all-Deaf Family and attended the Louisiana State School for the Deaf. She attended Gallaudet University where she earned a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Linguistics. She is a fluent bilingual in American Sign Language and written English

Besides her work at TBC, MJ coordinates a program at Western Maryland College that offers a Master’s Degree in ASL instruction. She is the co-author of a five-part videotape series, “An Introduction to American Deaf Culture” and a three-part videotape series, “ASL Numbers: Developing Your Skills.” She has conducted hundreds of workshops throughout the country in the areas of ASL Linguistics, American Deaf Culture, and Oppression. MJ is well known as an ASL model, teacher, and advocate for the recognition of Deaf people as a linguistic and cultural minority.