AIS 2016 Presenters


Joe Sapienza is a freelance interpreter and interpreter mentor, working in the St. Louis and surrounding areas.  Joe has been interpreting professionally since 1986, working—as interpreters do—in a variety of settings.  Medical, religious, and theatre interpreting are among his favorite work venues.  He began teaching sign language in community schools and American Sign Language and Interpreting as an adjunct instructor for a Community College’s Interpreter Training Program.  Joe has been an interpreter mentor since 1989, conducting individual and group classes and coordinates interpreting practice opportunities in the community.  He is the creator, administrator and chief bottle washer of the popular ASL Immersion Weekend annual workshops.  Joe has presented workshops on a variety of topics in the St. Louis and surrounding areas since the late 1980s. He started the Applied Interpreting Series workshops in 2015 with the goal of leading interpreters and students to practice and perfect their skills in specific settings.

Joe began working with travel agents and cruise lines that offer interpreters for their clients in 2009 and has since interpreted for D/deaf groups in over 20 countries.

Since 1991 Joe has been a member of, and nationally certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.  He is also licensed and certified in the State of Missouri.


Robin Henry is a private practice interpreter in the St. Louis area.  She is licensed and certified at the Advanced Level with the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Board of Certification of Interpreters.  Her formal interpreting training and education began with a mentorship under Joe Sapienza, which has been ongoing since 2009.  Robin attained an Associate in Applied Science for Deaf Communication Studies degree in 2014.  What connects her to this workshop?  She has been a part of a volunteer committee that was specifically designed to assist in gaining access for D/deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals to a Twelve Step Recovery program.  This has allowed her to volunteer coordinating said types of services.